The Swiss brand Phase de Lune, which has been offering luxury cases for timepieces since 2008, started a distribution network in the Benelux. From one to four watches, these leather models have been designed to ensure an optimal protection of your timepiece.

In 2007, the house set up the creation of a research and development laboratory dedicated to the world of luxury, and more specifically to the world of watchmaking. Quickly, the brand imagined the Monaco concept, an ingenious watch storage system (with cushion fixed by snaps) which incorporated in 2011 its high-end collection called Phase de Lune.

More concretely, it is a range of leather travel cases developed in the workshops. The cases are manufactured with exceptional leathers and incomparable finishes to fulfill the high standards of their renowned customers. Whilst preserving this artistic knowledge, they bring a dynamism quintessential in creativity and the search of the purest materials. 

Jean-Claude Biver

Because of my passion for watches, I always carry several with me when traveling, for professional reasons but mostly for my pleasure and passion. Given their importance and fragility I have often been confronted with the obvious problem of transportation until, thanks to a great watch label, I discovered the exceptional concept of the travel cases for one or several watches. Later on, I met the CEO of the company Phase de Lune, developer of the concept who in his collections proposes this line of elegant and ingenious cases. I now travel with and protect my watches safely. I am sure many passionate collectors will appreciate the quality, innovation, and comfort of those fabulous cases.

- Jean-Claude Biver

President of Hublot

Located in unique settings near Lake Geneva on the hillsides of the Swiss Lavaux region.

who are we

I had dreamt of becoming a watchmaker from an early age. As a small boy, I was absolutely fascinated and excited by what my great-grandfather taught me about clocks. What particularly struck me was how ingenious it is that something mechanical can tell the time so accurately. It was out of this that my passion for watchmaking was born. Technique, perfection, quality and originality are all firmly rooted in the Venneman genes.

After studying as a watchmaker in Namur and completing specialist training, I set out for Switzerland – the Mecca for watches and where, with a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment, I completed a number of traineeships with the big brands (and at smaller workshops). It is there that I learned the craft from the masters themselves.

The idea of designing, creating and marketing watches myself was an almost organic consequence of this. Of course, this also includes high-end accessories, which increases the experience around your watches.